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Audio-Video Accessories
Thursday, 18 April
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Cables coaxial typeRF-240

Tri-lan 240 (RF-240) coaxial cable, 50 Ohm, 100 m

Copper core diameter 1.4 mm+/-0.02 mm
Outer diameter 3.8 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Shield Al/Poliester Foil/Al Foil 12/15/12 um
Foil coverage rate 100 %
CuSn braid 16x7x0.12
Braid coverage rate 80 %
Outer diameter 4.45 mm
Material PE
Outer diameter 6.10 mm +/-0.10 mm
Colour black
Electrical parameters
Impedance 50 Ohm +/-2
Capacitance 83 pF/m
Wave reduction factor 81%
Screening efficiency >90 dB
Core resistance 11.2 Ohm/km
Braid resistance 12.4 Ohm/km
Other parameters
Minimum bending radius 30/60 mm
Weight 47 kg/km
Working temperature -40C 70C
Attenuation table
30 MHz 4.2 dB/100m
50 MHz 5.4 dB/100m
150 MHz 9.2 dB/100m
220 MHz 11.2 dB/100m
450 MHz 16.2 dB/100m
900 MHz 23.3 dB/100m
1500 MHz 30.7 dB/100m
1800 MHz 33.9 dB/100m
2000 MHz 35.9 dB/100m
2500 MHz 40.6 dB/100m
5800 MHz 65.2 dB/100m
H155 connectors for RF-240 cable (H155)
#02023 SMA male connector, crimp type, H155
#02025 SMA male reverse pin connector (RP), crimp type, H155
#02024 SMA female connector, crimp type, H155
#02026 SMA female reverse pin connector (RP), crimp type, H155
#02021 N male connector, crimp type, H155
#02022 N female connector, crimp type, H155
#02483 TNC male connector, crimp type, H155
#04727 TNC male RP connector (Reverse Pin), crimp type, H155
#02482 TNC female connector, crimp type, H155
#02481 FME male connector, crimp type, H155
#02480 FME female connector, crimp type, H155
#02053 MC-CARD male connector; 90, gold, crimp type, H155

Crimping tool for RF-240 cable (H155)
#04252 Coaxial ratchet crimping tool (HT-336I)

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Net Price: 94,90 EUR  Unit: roll 100m
Minimal order quantity: 1 x roll 100m
Quantity in the smallest collective package: 1 x roll 100m
x roll 100m
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