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High-Technologies Supplier
Wednesday, 29 May


We thank you for reviewing our offer with interest and encourage you to place an order with us. Before you send your order please carefully read our "Sales Rules" containing basic information about ordering, sale conditions, payment terms and warranty conditions. Getting familiar with it will result in smooth cooperation and swift and accurate service.

General Sales Rules

Placing Orders

  1. The rules described hereafter refer to goods presented in Atel Electronics' catalogues and web pages.
  2. After familiarization with Atel Electronics' trade information, included in catalogues and web pages, orders for goods can be placed by the form at,, e-mail:, fax, mail or personally at the Atel Electronics' office.
  3. The Ordering Party must be a registered company. Companies from within the EU have to posses a VIES-traceable VAT identification number. (
  4. Along with the first order, the Ordering Party should provide Atel Electronics with copies of registration documents. In particular, companies from within the EU should send a copy of a document showing the VAT identification number.
  5. The order should include:
    • the date of the placement of the order,
    • a detailed specification of ordered products, according to the specification included in Atel Electronics' catalogues and web pages,
    • the preferred delivery date
    • the chosen method of payment as described in clauses 16 & 17 below.
  6. In the case of ordering a significant quantity of goods, we accept price negotiations.
  7. Atel Electronics reserves the right to adjust prices due to significant changes in exchange rate or to changes in import/export conditions.
  8. Atel Electronics reserves the right to ownership of the products until the full payment for the products by the Ordering Party.
  9. The quantity of products ordered should be a multiple of the smallest bulk quantity of the particular product.
  10. Before placing an order in extraordinary quantities or for products from outside Atel Electronics' regular offer, the Ordering Party should place a written enquiry (through e-mail, mail or fax). Atel Electronics reserves the right to collect prepayment towards such orders.
  11. Products imported for special orders, which are from outside Atel Electronics' regular offer, are treated as exclusive import.
  12. The value of an order shall never be lower than €150.00 (one hundred and fifty Euro) or its’ equivalent in other currency.
  13. For orders from non EU countries, additional handling charge of USD50,00 ( €40,00) may be added for each shipment amount less than USD2000,00 ( €2000,00) respectively.
  14. Catalogues and information on the Atel Electronics’ website are solely commercial information and must not be considered an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code. They are only an invitation to negotiations within the meaning of Art. 71 of the Civil Code.
  15. All photographs, drawings, graphs, technical information and other data related to Products presented in Atel Electronics' catalogues and web pages, describe only the overall and exemplary characteristics of Products and may differ slightly from Products actually supplied from Atel Electronics.

Payment Terms

  1. Customers beginning their cooperation with Atel Electronics are required to pay for ordered goods in cash upon receipt of the goods or by bank remittance before the collection or shipping of the goods. Atel Electronics accepts payments in EUR, USD, PLN currency. Atel Electronics does not accept credit card or PayPal payments.
  2. Customers trading with Atel Electronics on a regular basis may obtain more suitable payment conditions. To our regular clients, we offer a deferred payment date within the agreed credit limit. In special cases, we may ask for additional documentation.
  3. The day of remittance is deemed as the day money is received into Atel Electronics' bank account (cheque or copy of transfer may not be recognized as proof of accomplishing payment).
  4. The purchaser is responsible for any bank charges and commissions incurred for processing wire transfers to Atel Electronics. This includes fees applied by the originating bank, an intermediary bank and a receiving bank. Failing to do so will result in an outstanding balance of your account and may delay or even put processing of your order on hold.


  1. The shipping of products from Atel Electronics' regular offer is carried out immediately or according to the terms specified by the customer in their order. Atel Electronics will make every effort to fufill the order within two working days. This concerns shipping of products in stock in the Atel Electronics warehouse at the present time. If immediate shipping is not possible, a sales assistant will contact the customer immediately and discuss further proceedings.Ordered goods are dispatched at the expense of the Ordering Party by a courier appointed by Atel Electronics - UPS Poland. Actual price list of shipments is available in Sales Department. On the Ordering Party's request goods can be dispatched by a courier appointed by the Ordering Party or collected from Atel Electronics' warehouse.
  2. Ordered goods are dispatched at the expense of the Ordering Party by a courier appointed by Atel Electronics – UPS, TNT or Raben. The actual price list of shipments is available in our Sales Department. On the Ordering Party's request goods can be dispatched by a courier appointed by the Ordering Party or collected from Atel Electronics' warehouse.
  3. The receiving of goods from the dispatcher as well as the direct collection of goods from Atel Electronics' warehouse should be confirmed in writing by the Ordering Party every time.

Warranty and Complaints

  1. Atel Electronics grants a 12 month warranty period for goods sold, starting with the day of invoicing, except for products covered by a different warranty period. Atel Electronics guarantees the proper operation of goods and the removal of defects that become apparent during the warranty period.
  2. The granted warranty authorizes the Ordering Party to demand a removal of product defects or a decrease in the price of goods from Atel Electronics.
  3. Warranty does not include:
    • faults or defects caused during transportation,
    • faults or defects caused by improper use or by external forces such as flood, fire, lightning, etc.
    • faults or defects arising during remodeling, software changing, wrong configuration or repairs done by unauthorized personnel,
    • upkeep and periodic maintenance,
    • exchange of batteries.
  4. In the case of defects in the goods, other than as described in Clause 25, the Ordering Party should immediately inform Atel Electronics by filling out the RMA Request form and enclosing a copy of the invoice. All fields of the RMA Request form should be filled. RMA Request form can be downloaded from the website:
  5. The Ordering Party is obligated to provide defective goods for testing at Atel Electronics' Headquarters at its own expense. The goods should be sent in the original box together with all included accessories and a note: SERVICE. In case of the recognition of goods defects, the goods are resent to the Ordering Party at Atel Electronics' expense. Otherwise the goods are resent at the Ordering Party's expense.
  6. A warranty claim is considered within 14 days starting from the day of receiving the defective goods with the proper RMA Request form filled out. If the accomplishment of the warranty is not possible in this period, the Ordering Party will be informed about an extension of this period by e-mail or fax. In the case of the lack of or an improperly completed RMA Request Form, Atel Electronics has the right to extend the period of consideriation of the Warranty Claim until the moment of receival of all the required information.
  7. If the products' serial numbers are illegible, Atel Electronics reserves the right to send the goods back at the Ordering Party's expense without considering the Warranty Claim.
  8. The Ordering Party will be charged for costs of maintenance, cleaning and expertise if defects were not discovered or arose by Ordering Party's fault.
  9. None of the claim (declared within the confines of the warranty) may be the reason for refusal or withholding payment for received goods.
  10. If the elimination of goods' defects is impossible or involves excessive costs, Atel Electronics is entitled to exchange goods to goods free of defects, regardless of Ordering Party's requests.
  11. Atel Electronics will make all efforts to positively accomplish all warranty claims within a period of 14 days from the date of consideration of the claimed goods. If the accomplishment of the warranty is impossible during this period, both Parties will negotiate separate conditions and a way of accomplishing the warranty claim.
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