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Atel Electronics - High-Technologies Supplier

Atel Electronics with a registered office in Opole /Poland/ has been importing telephone network and IT accessories, wires and components, as well as audio-video subassemblies, accessories and conductors since 1989.
The company's operation is based on good relations and direct contact with manufacturers from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan.
Since 1994, Atel Electronics has been successfully exporting its products to 11 European countries.

Atel Electronics is a co-founder of the Polish National Electronics and Telecommunications Business Chamber and, since 1996 has been a member of the Business Centre Club, body associating the leading enterprises.

Modern office and high-rack store, Bonded Warehouse, full computerisation and the implemented state-of-the-art management methods guarantee professional service and high quality products. Ever since, it has been out intention to build a modern and effective company that meets all demands of customers and provides them with sustainable development.

Our commercial offer is available solely for corporate clients: manufacturers or distributors of electronic equipment, as well as integrators of telephone, computer or telecommunication networks. The company is continuously expanding the volume and scope of its offer to include the latest products released on the market. We are also happy to complete individual orders (in reasonable volumes) for components and subassemblies not included in the standard offer.
Accessories and subassemblies sold are covered by a full guarantee as specified in the in-house service and the QA system.
Products included in our offer are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.

45-231 Opole
Oleska 121
phone +48 (77) 455 60 76
fax +48 (77) 455 80 56
open (Mo-Fr)

Atel Electronics

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