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High-Technologies Supplier
Monday, 22 July


Fluke Networks was established in 1992 as FLUKE's branch. In year 2000 company separated from Fluke as independent branch. Since then, company's income has been still growing, securing their leader position in hi-class telecommunication testing devices. Fluke Networks offers specialized instruments for structural cabling testing, wide area networks analysis and networks monitoring. Structural cabling instruments are placed among strict world's leaders. They allows certification measures of telecommunication installations. As one of the very few companies, Fluke Networks has instruments with class IV accuracy to certify cat.7 installations. Among telecommunication solutions company offers wide range of analyzers, allowing detailed network traffic inspection and discovering installed devices. Software and hardware analyzers can verify and rate WANs, working on ATM, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC, SONET standards.

Fluke Networks offer includes:
  • cable trackers
  • copper testers
  • fiber testers
  • cable analyzers
  • certification instruments for copper and fiber networks
  • LAN analyzers
  • WAN analyzers
  • WLAN analyzers
  • WAN monitoring and management solutions

Atel Electronics is a distributor of Fluke Networks products

Manufacturer's website: