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High-Technologies Supplier
Sunday, 16 June

DADI Products

Advanced Network and Communications Testers

DADI Telecom, established in 1992, is engaged in the development and production of communications testers, equipments and software.
It is an earliest professional manufacturer that it covers the fullest products in this industry in China.

DADI ownsthe intellectual property of all its products, which have been researched and developed independently by itself. The products of DADI include six fields, such as Transport Network Test, Supporting Network Test, Service Network Test, Storage Battery Test, Communication Network Reinforcement Equipment , IP Network Test. It covers more than 10 series, 20 products. Diversified products can be customized by clients according to their need.

Atel Electronics is distributor of DADI Telecommunication Equipment products

 Manufacturer's website:

  • Computer Network Accessories

          Cable tester with advanced cable locator and network tester (DADI TPT-8020A)

            The TPT-8020A is an easy-to-use, portable test set with an advanced cable locator and a LAN network IP tester.

            Besides identifying wiremaps, measuring the cable length, diagnosing cable faults and tracing cables, the TPT-8020A can also be used to perform basic tests on an active LAN network based on the IP protocol.

            The tester enables comprehensive testing of the transmission path, from diagnostics of the wiring (searching for specific cables, measuring their length, detecting breaks and connection errors) to checking the operation of the network layer (identification and diagnostics of connection to the end device, downloading configurations from the DHCP server, IP network scan, ping tests to a selected address in the network)

            Cabling Tests

          • Length measurement: twisted-pair, phone line, coax and wires, etc.
          • Wiremap testing: displays wiremap, conducts tests of STP/UTP, diagnoses faults for shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs and performs cable testing per T568A/B standard
          • Tone generation: generate up to 4 distinctive tones for tracing cables
          • LAN/IP network testing

          • Port identification: identification of the telephone port with voltage measurement, identification of the Ethernet network port with information about the speed and type of connection up to 1000 Mbps, information on the type of network termination: NIC, HUB, SWITCH, POE
          • Flashing port LED to locate a hub or switch port
          • Generating a signal that enables identification of a port on a network device (port LED indication on a switch port)
          • ICMP ping test with packet loss and latency measurement
          • Static IP address or obtained from DHCP
          • Scanning a network segment with information about active IP / MAC addresses
          • Automatic shutdown to save battery power
          • Backlit LCD display, comfortable for work in low light
          Cabling tets:
          LAN network tests:
          Cable length measure 1 - 460 m
          Single end measurement yes
          Setting the electric capacity of the tested cable yes
          Wiremap testing Complies with TIA-568A/B
          Wiring fault diagnosis open,
          reversed pairs,
          split pairs
          Simultaneous cable testing 8 lines with 8 remote IDs
          Measuring the distance to the fault yes
          Tone generation 4 distinctive tones
          Ping testing delay,
          packet loss
          DHCP testing Display acquired IP,
          gateway and DNS server
          Net Scan Display search host information,
          IP and MAC addresses
          Port identification network termination type,
          telephone voltage,
          network attributions of ports
          Dimensios 1347446mm
          Weight 300g
          Display 12864 LCD
          Operation mode Keyboard
          Interface RJ-45
          Battery 9V
          Operation time, cable testing without backlight 50 hours
          Operation time, network testing without backlight 15 hours
          Automatic shutdown yes
          Warranty 12 months
          Manufacturer DADI
          Kit includes:
          -TPT-8020A tester
          - wire tracker
          - remote R1 terminator
          - set of measuring cables RJ45/ RJ45, RJ11, crocodille
          - battery
          - bag
          Cable tester with advanced cable locator and network tester (DADI TPT-8020A)
          Net Price: 427,00 EUR