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Measuring Instruments
Friday, 21 June
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Thermal imagersFlir E8 PRO

Flir E8 Pro - Thermal Imager

Thermal imaging cameras are used wherever temperature is important for the course of the assumed processes. Excessive heating of devices may indicate their malfunction. The implementation of preventive measures in the form of periodic inspections with the use of a thermal imaging camera enables the elimination of failures and downtime in production processes in many industrial plants. Thermal imaging cameras are used, among others, for inspections and tests of electricity distribution systems, electromechanical devices, buildings and roofs, tanks, pipes, valves and tanks.

The Flir E8 Pro Thermal Imager is ideal for searching and solving problems in buildings, electric installations and machines. Thanks to the detector resolution of 320x240 pixels, very good thermal sensitivity and a wide field of view, it will be perfect for detailed inspections, also from a considerable distance.

In addition, it allows access via WiFi to FLIR Ignite cloud.
Field of view (FOV) 33x25
Min focus distance 0.36 m
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 0,04C
Detector type 320x240
Temperature range -20C to 250C ± 2% or 2C (whichever is grater)
Emissivity regulated
Display 3.5 inch large color LCD,
Refresh rate 9Hz
Color palettes 7
File formats supported JPEG with 14-bit measurement data
Power lithium-ion battery
Additional WiFi connectivity,
bright LED flashlight
Weight 0,590 kg

* For special orders only
Net Price: 3 700,00 EUR  Unit: pcs
Minimal order quantity: 1 x pcs
Quantity in the smallest collective package: 1 x pcs
x pcs

Thermal imagers
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234,00 EUR
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