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High-Technologies Supplier
Monday, 22 July


You can copy the text from any of document to the window below. The text will be searched in order to find all five-digit numbers of Atel Electronics products (with "#" symbol at the beginning, e.g. #01234).
All found products will be added to the shopping cart with the smallest allowed quantity of order.
After successfully finished import operation, you are moved to shopping cart page, where you can quantify ordered goods.

If you want to add quantities together with products, please use CSV format (data separated by commas, for example: #01234,10 - 10 pieces of product #01234 will be added) and click the checkbox below.
If minimal quantity of product don't fulfill terms of order (minimal quantity, collective package), it will be proper completed.

CAUTION! During text importing, previously created shopping cart would be cleared.