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Testing devicesWT-4104

Cable tester RJ-45, w/LCD and scan detector (WT-4104)

WT-4104 can test cat.5, cat.5e, cat.6, cat.7 COAXIAL, TELECOM, cable wiring diagram such as user jump line, problems like circuit break, open circuit, short circuit, jumper cable or series wound.
The most important thing is that it can detect the distance of fault (open circuit) and discriminate which end of cable is opening. Moreover, practical digital audio hunting function can quickly find needed cable from complex line and locate wiring place quickly so that it save time and money of the installation.
  • can detect the cat5, 5E, 6E, 7E, coaxial cable, telephone line fault of the connection, including: open circuit, short circuit, jumper cable, reverse connection and series wound
  • wiring/connection error of orientation
  • measure the cable length, show line length on paging, and determine the fault (open) distance
  • with digital audio found line function (TONE SCAN) and can launch four audio signal
  • the dynamic calibration function of cable length can greatly improve the accuracy of measurement
  • easy to use, STN wide (LCD) large screen display make test results clear to read! With backlight function, suitable for using in dark environment
  • can measure the length and the pairing whether plug the far end recognizer
  • cable positioning, the biggest can be expanded to eight far end passive test socket (identification number 1D1-1D8)
  • supporting portable digital audio line found machine (NS-DX-LR), convenient for searching and testing cable
The batteries are not included.

User Manual (638 KB)
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