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IP Monitoring#08108

Digital 1-phase energy meter 100A SDM220

The SDM220 series is an advanced digital single phase multi-function energy meter, which measures up to 100A direct load. The unit measures active energy, reactive energy, current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, demand, etc. Bi-directional measurement makes this unit an ideal choice for Solar PV measurement. A remote communication port is provided, RS485 Modbus RTU or M-bus EN13757-3 and Communication parameters are password protected in setup mode. User can check data and set up the meter via the buttons on the front panel.
Nominal voltage input (Ph+N) 176 to 276V 50Hz(±10%)
Nominal input current 5(100)A (nominal input current burden 0.25VA)
Accuracy voltage 0·5% of range maximum,
current 0·5% of nominal,
frequency 0·2% of mid-frequency,
active power ±1% of range maximum
Operating temperature -25C to +55C
Relative humidity 0 to 95%,
Communication RS485,
Mounting DIN rail 35mm
Requires RS485 Modbus extension board (Vutlan VT85) #08109

* For special orders only
Net Price: 93,30 EUR  Unit: pcs
Minimal order quantity: 1 x pcs
Quantity in the smallest collective package: 1 x pcs
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