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Communication testersDADIBER-1560 GF-E1

E1 and V series interfaces tester (DADI BER-1560 GF-E1)

BER-1560 Data Transmission Analyzer, is the necessary tool for daily maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. It fulfills E1 in-service monitoring as well as BER testing from 50b/s to 2048kb/s with supported interfaces of G.703, V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, X.21, EIA-530/530A. Its characteristic remote monitoring function makes it ideal for users to easily perform real-time monitoring to the test unit through certain software under Windows environment.

BER-1560 is configured with large and backlight color TFT LCD. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery allows up to 8 hours field operation without external power supply. It supports RJ-45 interface and complete TCP/IP protocols with online upgrade available.


E1 interface testing

  • Defects and abnormal: Out of service or in-service testing, error characteristics testing
  • Loop delay: Precision reaches 1us
  • Switch time: The time of switching from the main channel to standby channel
  • Audio testing: Test if there is problem, such as distortion, etc, existing in PCM or SPC while stimulating the conversion between voice signal and digital signal
  • Voice monitoring: Scan channel to confirm the busy of 64Kchannel,monitoring line which is being used
  • Pulse mask: Test if the E1 waveform satisfy G.703 standard

V Series Interfaces Testing

  • Defects and abnormal:Out of service or in-service testing,error characteristics testing

64K Interface Testing

  • Defects and abnormal: Out of service or in-service testing, error characteristics testing

RJ45 Interfaces Testing

  • PING: Test network connectivity


  • Color TFT LCD
  • Comprehensive E1 circuit testing
  • Various errors insertion and detection, such as bit, Code, FAS, CRC
  • Use PC to perform the remote control of the test set through Ethernet
  • Large capacity Li-ion battery guarantees 8 hours operation
  • Large data storage, 5000 records
E1 Testing
Internal clock 2048KHz±10ppm
Signal code HDB3 / AMI
Signal interface ITU-T G.703
Test pattern PRBS 2n-1 (n=6, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23)
Tx BNC 75Ω unbalanced,
RJ-48 120Ω balanced
Rx BNC 75Ω unbalanced / high impedance>2KΩ,
RJ-48 120Ω balanced / high impedance>2KΩ
Size 19010850mm
Weight 1.2kg
Display 3.5" TFT LCD,
Operation mode Keyboard
Interface RJ-45,
DC power
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery,
Operation time 8 hours
Operation temperature -10 C to 50 C
Storage temperature -20 C to 70 C
Operation humidity 10% to 90%
Storage humidity 5% to 95%
Data storage 5000 records
Manufacturer DADI

1560 01-2M Circuit Opening - Off-line loopback testing 1560 02-2M Circuit Opening - offline end-to-end testing 1560 03-Network maintenance - 2M online testing 1560 04-Network maintenance—2M pass through test 1560 05-Circuit opening—64K offline loopback testing 1560 07-Circuit—64K offline end-to-end testing 1560 08-Network maintenance—V series interfaces testing 1560 09-Circuit opening--T1offline end-to-end testing 1560 10-Circuit--T1 offline loopback testing 1560 11-Signal quality testing—E1T1 pulse template 1560 12-Test occupied channel—Voice Monitoring 1560 13-Test equipment AD transfer ability—Audio Testing 1560 14-Verify Ethernet Connectivity—Ping testing
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