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Digital multimetersMASTECHMS8268

Mastech MS8268 - Digital Multimeter

It is replacement for MY-66 and MY-68. Great design and many measurement options. It has backlit measurement jacks so you can always be sure to which jacks you should connect the test leads.
Max. LCD display 3999
Range selection automatic,
Insulation class CAT III 600V,
CAT II 1000V
DC voltage 400m/4/40/400 V ± 0,7%,
1000V ± 0,8%
AC voltage 400 mV ± 3,0% 4/40/400 V ± 0,8%,
750 V ± 1,0%
DC current 400u/4000u/40m/400 mA ± 1,2%,
10A ± 2,0%
AC current 400u/4000u/40m/400 mA ± 1,5%,
10A ± 3,0%
Resistance 400/4k/40k/400k/4 MΩ ± 1,2%,
40 MΩ ± 2,0%
Capacitance 4nF ± 5,0%,
40n/400n/4u/40u/200uF ± 3,0%
Frequency 10/100/1000/10k/200 kHz ± 2,0%
hFE test yes
Diode test yes
Continuity test yes
Duty cycle yes
Relative measurement yes
Auto power off yes
Data hold yes
Back light yes
Incorrect plug protection yes
Power 3x 1,5V AAA battery
Dimensions 195x92x55 mm
Weight 380 g
Manufacturer Mastech

mastech ms8268
Net Price: 24,50 EUR  Unit: pcs
Minimal order quantity: 1 x pcs
Quantity in the smallest collective package: 1 x pcs
x pcs
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