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Fiber Optic Measuring InstrumentsKINGFISHERKI2600-INGAAS

(KI2600C-InGaAs) Optical power meter

Optical power meter is precise device for single and multi-mode optical fiber systems.
The KI 2600 Hand Held Fiber Meter measures absolute or relative light levels and test tones in fiber optic systems.
Autotest provides fast, easy and automatic multi λ (wavelength) loss testing. Up to 3 λ are displayed simultaneously, along with the source nominal power level and λ. Any Kingfisher Autotest light source / LTS with matching λ can be used.
The meter displays mW, μW, nW, dB, dBm to 0.01 dB resolution, with no range changing delays. A separate reference for each λ is stored and displayed. Superior high power performance is achieved.
The tight Total Uncertainty specification covers all power levels, temperatures, connectors and fibers, without warm up or user dark
current offset.
Interchangeable connectors are dust and drop protected. SC adaptors are supplied, with others available including small form factor LC styles.
Metal free adaptors avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems.

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(KI2600C-InGaAs) Optical power meter(for special orders only)
1 100,00 EUR
(KI9600A-InGaAs) Optical power meter(for special orders only)
450,00 EUR


812,00 EUR
881,00 EUR
964,00 EUR


3 710,00 EUR


Optical beam modulation detector (KI6171)(for special orders only)
1 050,00 EUR


2 830,00 EUR


329,00 EUR


KI6610 Connector Inspection Microscope(for special orders only)
471,00 EUR

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