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Communication testersDADIGEA-8130A/GF

Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer (DADI GEA-8130A GF)

GEA-8130A GF is a handheld expert instrument for Ethernet deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It supports 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 electrical interface and 100/1000 Mbps SFP optical interface, monitors network operation status through termination mode or pass through mode, and supports comprehensive LAN testing and common network tool.

Meanwhile, the instrument provides comprehensive network performance evaluation for the deployment and maintenance of networks and services through traffic analysis, BER, ITU-T Y.1564 (EtherSAM), RFC2544 and IPDV testing.
GEA-8130A GF is the right product meeting the current testing requirements for Ethernet applications in IP network, transport network and MSTP.

Simple and easy operation: high-definition color touch screen and graphical user interface.
Powerful performance analysis: provide comprehensive network performance evaluation for the deployment and maintenance of networks and services through traffic analysis, BER, ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC2544, IPDV testing.
Comprehensive LAN testing: deep understanding of network status and timely discover problems in the network through network device scan, problem discovery, health check, terminal emulation.
Multiple test modes: termination, pass through, loopback, and other modes of measurement.
Good compatibility: support end-to-end testing with other Ethernet testers from DADI Telecom.
Powerful battery: built-in large capacity Li-ion battery with long operation time.
Optimized structure design: test interface antidust and anti-shock.
Advanced cooling system: ensure long and stable operation of the instrument.
Test interface 2x10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45,
2x10/100/1000BASE-X SFP
Network config
IP address static or dynamic from DHCP
VLAN layer 2 VLAN nested - C-VLAN,
MPLS layer 3 MPLS nested (MPLS Label #1 ~ 3)
Network performance
ITU-T Y.1564 testing supports service configuration test,
8 services at more,
and performance supports service configuration test
RFC2544 testing support throughput,
frame loss rate and back-to-back testing
Traffic tests wire-speed traffic generation,
statistics for received traffic include traffic error,
SDT test
Multi Stream 8 configurable traffic streams
Loopback L1-L4 layer
Cooperation RFC 2544 and Y.1564 tests
High Speed Ping setup PING rate up to 1000M
Download Speed high speed multithread FTP,
HTTP download test up to 1000M
Server Performance test the server's response time of application layer network (DNS / POP3 / SMTP / WEB)
Network Tools ping,
web browser
Network Analysis
PPPoE PPPoE dial connection,
ping and traffice test functions
Netscan scan and identify network equipment
SNMP query information of network equipments,
exchange board,
router - basic information query,
interface statistic,
service query
Packet Capture wire-speed filter and data capture,
filter decoding
Problem Probe report network problems found from starting up or clearing about physical connection,
application layer and so on
Device Probe identifies devices in the network through monitoring all kinds of message sent by network devices
Wire testing
Cable length test length of twisted pair,
Wire order test if twisted pair is cross or parallel lines
Port Blink identify cable connect to which port of the switch
Wire Tracer find cable by tone tracer,
select wire and frequency
Port Identify identify type of wire connecting with port1 - ethernet,
equipment with no electricity,
PoE test whether network devices supply electricity for terminal devices,
and whether terminal devices are PoE power receiving equipment,
tester could transfer electricity from power supply equipment to power receiving equipment,
show voltage and current
General functions
Data manager copy,
delete test data (test parameter,
test result)
Auto Test start performance tests up automatically by script file (Traffic Test and RFC2544)
Screenshot Screenshot into a PDF file
Size 210×110×60mm
Weight 1kg
Display Color 4.3"LCD,
Operation mode Touch screen
Interface USB,
DC power
Data storage 2G SD Card
Protocol DIX,
Battery Li-ion battery
Operation time >7 hours
Operation temperature -10°C~+50°C
Operation humidity 10%~90%
Manufacturer DADI

End-to-end testing Termination mode Pass through mode Loopback mode Network monitoring Main screen Network Performance Wire and Port Network Tools Network Analysis IPDV BERT
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Y.1564, RFC 2544 tester gigabit ethernet tester
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